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Ed Leone

Edgar A. Leone, PhD, Chief Scientist

Professional Profile

Dr. Edgar Leone has a wide range of experience in the application of advanced surface analytical techniques for industrial problem solving and materials characterization.

Ed earned his MS and PhD degrees in Ceramics and Material Science from Rutgers University while working for AlliedSignal, which later merged with Honeywell. As a Principal Scientist in Honeywell’s Analytical Science Laboratory, Ed was responsible for the Surface Analysis, Optical, and Electron Microscopy Groups.

With over 30 years at Honeywell, Ed gained extensive experience with analytical instrumentation, and industrial problem solving. He has numerous accomplishments in Automotive, Aerospace, Polymer, Engineered Plastics, and Nanotechnology industries.

Ed is widely published, authoring a number of articles on a wide range of topics, and was co-author of a number of chapters in the book, Guide to Materials Characterization. In addition, Ed has 4 patents on spark plug tip design advancements and has made numerous presentations at professional meetings.

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